Vrtti OperaGeorges Bataille

b. Sept. 10, 1897, Billom, France
d. July 9, 1962, Paris

French librarian and writer whose essays, novels, and poetry expressed his fascination with eroticism, mysticism, and the irrational.
He viewed excess as a way to gain personal "sovereignty."
After training as an archivist at the school of paleography known as the École des Chartes in Paris, he worked as a librarian and medieval specialist at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris until 1942.
In 1951 he became keeper of the Orléans library.
He also edited scholarly journals and in 1946 founded an influential literary review, Critique, which he edited until his death.
His first novel, on sexual excess, was published under a pseudonym, Lord Auch; it appeared in 1928 as Histoire de l'oeil (The Story of the Eye).
As Pierre Angélique, another pseudonym, he wrote Madame Edwarda (1937).
Le Coupable (1944; Guilty) was the first major literary work published under his own name.
La Littérature et le mal [La letteratura e il male] (1957) and L'Érotisme (1957) followed.
He also wrote Lascaux; ou, la naissance de l'art (1955; Lascaux; or, The Birth of Art) and Manet (1955).
A novel, Ma Mère (My Mother), was published in 1966.
The complete works (Oeuvres complètes) of Bataille, published between 1970 and 1988, occupy 12 volumes.

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